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Green-Wood Cemetery Events
Through November 29, 2019

Green-Wood | 500 25th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Tickets and information: green-wood.com

Stars of the Stage & Screen
September 14, 10:30 AM
Step back in time and encounter the actors, producers, composers, and directors that left their mark on entertainment history.

Chipping Away
September 21, 11 AM
Join us for a unique adventure with John Nash, modern-day stone carver and teacher of lettering and calligraphy.

Mourning in Style
September 29, 3 PM
Discover the Victorian era's fascination with death and how it proliferated through architecture, fashion, and fine art. Presented in partnership with Morbid Anatomy.

Green-Wood at Night
All season long!
Long after Green-Wood’s gates close to the public, explore its historic grounds under the cover of night and visit some of the cemetery’s most intriguing monuments.

Tiffany at Green-Wood
October 5, 11 AM
Join Jeff Richman for this wildly popular tour exploring Green-Wood's extraordinary collection of Tiffany stained glass. Tickets will sell out, get yours now!

Open Doors
October 6, 12 PM
It's back! Peek inside the elaborate bronze gates of these historic stone structures to explore stunning examples of Green-Wood's distinct architecture.

Murder, Mayhem, & Disaster
October 12, 10:30 AM
Serene, beautiful Green-Wood is also the final resting place for people who met violent ends. Join tour guide Ruth Edebohls to hear their fascinating, and mostly tragic, tales.

October 25 & 26, 8 PM
As night descends across Green-Wood, wander along the Cemetery’s winding paths and have chance encounters with musicians, performers, moving images, and storytellers.

Spirited Stroll
October 26 & 27, 12 PM
Green-Wood Historian Jeff Richman will lead this popular tour filled with tales of murder, mayhem, spirits, and the utterly bizarre. You will enjoy the cemetery in all its autumnal splendor.

Murder Most Foul
November 9, 10:30 AM
Veteran tour guide Ruth Edebohls leads a thrilling exploration of murderers, gangsters, and schemers who count among Green-Wood’s most notorious permanent residents.

Post Turkey Day Tour
November 29, 1 PM
After you’ve devoured the turkey and stuffed yourself with pumpkin pie, enjoy a late autumn stroll in one of New York’s most beautiful and historic greenspaces.

Three Days of the Condor
August 14, 6:30 PM
What happens when our acronym-savvy intel organizations entrusted to keep us safe cannot even trust themselves? Part 2 of the BHS Film Series.





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