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Hanh Merriman
September 8, 2019
Lispenard Street

Written by Wendy R Williams
Photos Courtesy of Hanh Merriman


Designer Hanh Merriman has said that she was inspired by "the boldness, wilderness, and elegance of mountain desert" when she created her line for Spring/Summer 2020. With that inspiration, Merriman created a line of eminently wearable, fun clothing with the insouciance needed to walk the fashionable streets of the world. Merriman has the attitude thing down.

About designer Hanh Merriman (from the press release): "For Hanh Merriman, fashion has always been constant throughout her life. When Merriman was just twelve years old and living in rural Vietnam, she asked her mother for some fabric, as she wanted to create her own design. Though, she
had no knowledge of pattern making or sewing, she was determined to create something. This became Hanh’s first memory of fashion and a driving force to continue to create more, and she did! Armed with an innate sense of fashion
and creative mind, Hanh ignited a lifelong love affair with fashion.

Hanh Merriman is a former style blogger and the founder of Life In Travel, where she chronicled her global adventures and designer obsessions. A frequent street style subject, Merriman is no stranger within the fashion community.












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