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Cho Cheng
New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 Show
Gallery II at Spring Studios
September 9, 2019

Written by Wendy R Williams
Photo Credit: Dan & Corina Lecca



According to the Cho Cheng press release, "The enduring and inimitable style of the defining heroines of 1960’s cinema continues to inspire designer Cho Cho Cheng, the creative force behind CHOCHENG. Drawing inspiration from the mystery thrillers "Plein Soleil" and "Midnight Lace," the Spring-Summer 2020 collection takes retro wardrobing references and re-imagines them for the modern woman."

Cheng's collection for "Spring Summer" evoked the spirit of another 1960's film - Audrey Hepburn in Stanley Donan's "Two for the Road." Another muse must have been Jane Birkin doing anything - check out the Birkinesque straw bags and shifts.

Cheng's collection is beautifully made and extremely wearable. Unlike many fashion week designers, Cheng did not present any costumes i.e. garments only suited for the red carpet's of life. Every garment walking the runway at the Cheng show would easily fit into any well dressed womans' wardrobe. Good job!

From the Cho Cheng press release: "CHOCHENG is a womenswear designer label launched by designer Cho Cho Cheng. Cheng studied fashion and
costume design at the Parsons School of Design and took an apprenticeship in Savile Row, London to study traditional British tailoring. The new CHOCHENG flagship store will reopen in Fall 2019 at 781 Fifth Avenue, New

"CHOCHENG has become synonymous with 100% natural materials and a whimsical interpretation of traditional British tailoring."












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