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Zang Toi Show
New York Fashion Week
Fall/Winter 2018
Pier 59 Studios
September 11, 2018

Written by Wendy R Williams
Photographed by
Eka Halim



"Dressing is a way of life...Fashions fade, style is eternal." Yves Saint Laurent

Zang Toi channeled the spirit of his style muse Yves Saint Laurent to design his collection for Spring/Summer 2019. Toi traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco to visit the Saint Laurent Museum and to ignite his imagination with the culture of the city Saint Laurent so adored. (To see photos of Toi's trip to Marrakesh, follow him on Facebook.)

The first looks down the runway of Toi's show were inspired by Saint Laurent's 1965 Mondrian Collection which Saint Laurent designed in homage to the work of the Dutch cubist painter Piet Mondrian. Toi's Mondrian inspired color block designs were created from exquisite and vividly colored silks which moved beautifully down the runway. These statement pieces can be styled in a variety of ways from formal to casual.

Next was the African inspired (he was on the continent) zebra print which Toi used to create dresses, pants, tops, head scarves and to line long safari styled cutaway coats. Also African inspired was a safari suit created from off white linen which featured wide leg pans.

Another tribute to Saint Laurent were Toi's elegantly tailored black "pant" suits for women (and men) with smoking jackets that evoked Saint Laurent's Le Smoking.

A bon ton life must be filled with balls and Toi did not skimp on his designs for when the lights go down. There were sleek black silk evening gowns and bouffant numbers created from Paris Pink and French Lavender silk.

Toi knows his customers. His pieces can complement a variety of lifestyles from the young and toned glitterati (the black strapless mini embellished with silk flowers) to the wife of the chairman of the board or the chair person herself. Some of his styles are also modest enough to be worn by the wealthy and fashion conscious women of the Gulf States.

Toi's retail store is located at 1046 Lexington Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Click here for a video of Toi's Spring/Summer 2019 show.












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