Julian Niccolini and Four Seasons Pop-up Restaurant
Oreya at the Capri Hotel
August 11, 2016

Opposite Photo: Lucia Hwong Gordon and Cole Rumbough

Oreya in Southampton paid tribute to Julian Niccolini and The Four Seasons restaurant with a one night only pop-up restaurant. Many of the famed shuttered eatery’s regulars joined in the fun including Lucia Hwong Gordon, Patty Raynes, Jennifer Oz LeRoy, Lisa Niccolini, ABT’s Ashley Bouder, Felicia Taylor, Ray and Veronica Kelly, Jean Shafiroff, Marina Albright, Bonnie Pfeifer, Donald Marron, and Dolly Lenz.

The restauranteur asked dinner guests to all jump into the pool with or without their clothes as an homage to the restaurant. Cole Rumbaugh serenaded guests with Jazz tunes.














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