FJK Dance Opening Night Gala
April 6, 2015
New York Live Arts



Photo Credits: Jaqlin Medlock




Amy Fine Collins and Joanna Fisher took to the stage at the opening of FJK Dance’s 2016 Season at New York Live Arts, saying, “Shalom and Salaam! Dancers and musicians of many faiths - Christian, Muslim and Jewish - and nationalities - Iraqi, Turkish, Israeli, Cuban, Mexican, Colombian, Swiss, Italian, Spanish, and American - have come together to present a message of peace.” The Iraqi born founder Fadi Khoury combines many forms including ballroom and ballet into a highly theatrical presentation.

Guest at opening night included Amy Astley, Sevin Ceviker, Peter Copping, Caroline and Paul Cronson, Brian Fisher, Kathi Hughes, Freddie Leiba, Liza Lerner, Gene Meyer, Tara Milne, Robert Rufino, and Priscilla Rattazzi Whittle.

Felipe Escalante, Amy Fine Collins, Fadi Khoury and Freddie Leiba

Following the performance guests enjoyed celebratory cocktails and dinner at El Cid around the corner.

Jonathan Marder and Tara Milne

Phoebe Fisher, Ian Fisher, Brian Fisher and Joanna Fisher















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