Party to Celebrate
G. A. Mudge's
"Alice in Central Park"

Home of Barbara and
Donald Tober
March 3, 2016

Press Release:
Jonathan Marder + Associates

Photo Credit: Annie Watt

Opposite Photo:
G.A. Mudge and Cece Cord

Barbara and Donald Tober held an intimate soiree for G.A. Mudge, author and photographer of the books,  Alice in Central Park - Statues in Wonderland and Two Alice Statues in Central Park, at The Lotos Club. 

 Barbara Tober, G.A. Mudge, Fe Fendi and Donald Tober

Mr. Mudge, joined by his wife Sis Mudge, dedicated the evening to the statues in our beloved Central Park. He spoke briefly of the Alice In Wonderland statue in memory of Margarita Delacorte as members of the Delacorte family, looked on. Also there was Jeffrey Spring of the Modern Art Foundry, who created the sculpture and Matthew C. Reiley, the conservation manager at the Central Park Conservancy, who keeps the statues pristine. 

Barbara Tober, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Sharon Bush and Jonathan Marder

Guests included Sharon Bush, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Joan Hardy Clark, Cece Cord, Dianne Durante, Fe and Alessandro Fendi, Mary McFadden, Simon and Loli Roosevelt, Letitia Delacorte Spangler, Stephanie Stokes, and Jessica and Peter Tcherepnine.

While guests purchased books a silent auction took place for a G.A. Mudge photograph of the Margarita Delacorte Memorial; proceeds generously donated to the Central Park Conservancy. Mr. Mudge also presented the Tober's with photographs of Sophie Irene Loeb Fountain and the Margarita Delacorte Memorial. 

Both books are available at Barnes and Noble and from Fotobs Books at fotobs@aol.comAlice in Central Park is available at the Dairy Visitor Center in Central Park and at

























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