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Written and Photographed By Liberation Iannillo and Diedre Kilgore

As part of the ongoing HOWL! Festival, CBGB’s played host to The Loser’s Lounge as they pay tribute to the Lower East Side, featuring the music of Blondie, The Ramones, Television, Richard Hell, Talking Heads, and Patti Smith.

The house band, comprised of Joe McGinty, Daniel Ray, Andy Shernoff, Juilan Maile and Eddie Zweiback, did such an incredible job that at times it was hard to tell the difference from the original songs they covered. Performing this evening were Nick Danger, Ed Rogers, Tammy Fae Starlight, Craig Wedren (ex-Shudder To Think), Patti Rothberg, Amy Miles, Laura Dawn, Royce Peterson (moi?), Wilder Selzer from Double Dong, Rene Risque, and Erik Paparazzi.

Nick Danger
Rene Risque Tish & Snooky
Rene Risque

Many amazing performances were given this night. Rene Risque's cover of 'Personality Crisis' was by far the most entertaining performance especially when he pulled a chicky-poo from the audience and simulated having his way with her on stage. The highlight of the night by far was Tish & Snooky of Manic Panic fame. With a harmonica in hand they told the audience that they were going to sing their song how it would have been sung “back in the 1940’s when punk originated.” They sang a rendition of The Ramones’ ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ that even The Anderson Sisters would have been proud of.

Craig Wedren
Royce Peterson
Tish & Snooky

Rock N’ Roll Karaoke?

It takes balls to get up there and cover classic punk in front of a scrutinzing audience of old school punksters. We were, however, mortified by a couple of performers that somehow thought it was Rock and Roll Karaoke night

We have to wonder why someone paying tribute to Blondie or Patti Smith wouldn’t take the time to learn the song lyrics before taking the stage.

There were two offenders this night that had more important things to do than plan their performance. The first was covering Blondie’s cover of ‘Hanging on the Telephone’. Unlike Debby Harry who would go onstage in little more than a ripped t-shirt or a garbage bag and scream her heart out, this blond just stood their reading her script, sipping her drink and looking as bored as she possibly could.

The other offender covered Patti Smith’s ‘Rock N’ Roll Nigger’ and even with the aid of her lyric sheet she still managed to stumble through the lyrics. When people are paying $15 to see you perform in a club that should require a string of Hepatitis shots before entering, put on a show.

Or at the very least, get off the stage as there is no shortage of musicians in this city who would kill for a full house to play to.

This night was a lot of fun and we would highly recomend checking it out. The Loser’s Lounge was created in 1993 by Nick Danger and former Psychedelic Fur, Joe McGinty “to create and promote a new cannon of "Pop Classics" from the songbooks of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.”

Liberation & Diedre Leee Black Childers & Diedre Kilgore
Liberation & Diedre Leee Black Childers & Diedre Kilgore

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