Written by Mikal Saint George, Photographed by Evan Sung

Sumie Tachibana

Friday the 13th ushered in yet another resurrection on Sixth Avenue. The former Limelight proved once again that this long-ago house of worship is truly immortal. Now that Michael Alig has moved his VIP room to solitary in upstate New York, this Phoenix has risen from it’s own glittery ashes to become Avalon. On this particular night we were privileged to worship at the alter of couturier Sumie Tachibana.

The theme of the evening was melancholy. Depression never seemed so alluring. Sumie, a raven haired beauty herself who could easily grace any runway, has managed to create a collection that is not only luxurious but speaks volumes in terms of attitude. According to her press release: "Each piece is an experience for the daring buyer with a creative eye, as she blends the ideas of masculine and feminine costuming in each of her one-of-a-kind designs."

Sumie brought in some great talent for the show with Frederic Fekkai hair stylists Kyle Plishtiyev, Vu Nguyen and Shaeena Etienne and music mixed by DJ Brian Owen. In addition, accessories by Trucs Designs perfectly complement Tachibana's pieces.

Sumie's pieces are available at Warp Designs Showroom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You can also view past and present collections as well as place orders on her website Special thanks to Flawless Media.





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