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Jessica Cogan Channels Her Inner Hussy
Burlesque Class at the Museum of Sex

Written by Jessica Cogan

Peekaboo Pointe, Photo Courtesy of

Looking to release your inner showgirl? Want to learn the art of the tease for public or private consumption? If so, shimmy on over to the Museum of Sex and check out one of their women-only Art of the Tease: Burlesque Basics class.

I visited a recent class led by the lovely and talented Peekaboo Pointe -- a petite brunette with a dancer's body and sailor's tattoos. Peekaboo dances with Red Hots Burlesque, Le Scandal and other burlesque shows at venues all over the city

The class was made up of 14 women from a wide range of ages, shapes and sizes. Some expressed professional interest; others were there out of sheer curiosity.

Most were a little shy to start ... until we took up the boas, wigs, accessories and costumes that Peekaboo supplied. A feathered bra and ruffled panties can do a lot for a girl's confidence.

Peekaboo led the class through a short history and background of burlesque, giving context to the craft. Then she cut to the chase -- the basic moves. The class went through the bump, the grind, the shake, the shimmy, the strut and -- my personal favorite -- the presentation. (Presentation is a Vanna White-esque "presenting" of one's arm, leg or other body part.) . After running through the moves a few times, Peekaboo showed us what it looks like all put together.

Jessica Cogan Jesica Cogan
Museum Of Sex

Together we choreographed a group routine to some classic striptease music. Members of the class suggested the moves then executed the dance in smaller groups -- with the rest of us serving as a supportive audience.

After the show Peekaboo sat down and answered our many questions: where can you find pasties? How do you put them on? What's the best brand of fishnets? And how do you make those false eyelashes stick? The veteran strutter responded patiently and let us in on some great trade secrets... do you know how to prevent your fishnets' waistband from showing when you're in a thong? Peekaboo could tell you.

The class is a lot of fun -- whether you're looking to make it on stage, in the bedroom or just want to get your bump and grind on. The first class had a waiting list, so there are sure to be more scheduled soon. Check online at www.museumofsex.com or call the Museum at 212.689.6337 x115.

Museum of Sex | 233 Fifth avenue, Suite 3B.

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