SASi Sundays
Fez under Time Café
Various Showcased Artists

By Troy Tolley

SASi Sundays is a monthly event promoted by savvy publicist STEPHEN SCHULMAN of SASi Public Relations. Stephen boasts an impressive list of past and present talents, including Hedda Lettuce, Rupaul, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Margaret Cho! The premier evening started off with a cozy bang on September 12th as the bosomy burlesque girls of the famous Glamazons took the stage and escorted us through a handful of genuine talent.

The Glamazons are gorgeous, engaging, and entertaining, and it would be easy to say they stole the show!

The Glamazons first handed us over to BILL BUDD of COLD SON, a seductively handsome man-boy with a crooning voice and an extremely casual (almost sleepy) stage presence. While the live performance of this particular night did not do justice to his vocal strengths or musical diversity, I do recommend perusing his studio recordings at his web site. Bill Budd has released his first solo album in 2003, “And So Here”, which will easily win over some new fans.

Next we were passed into the thought-provoking clutches of YOLANDA, the “spansgender-bender singer/songwriter, performance artist, legal Christian Minister and Tarot Card Reader”. She flew to the stage in her shiny gold cape/wings and canary-yellow, mesh mini-dress, bearded, hairy-chested, and wildly reminiscent of Divine from any John Water’s film! At once startling and endearing, she sang poignant, hilarious, and witty songs while occasionally strumming her guitar. Yolanda has received several prestigious awards for her work, including the 2003 OutMusician of the Year Award, and The Stonewall Society's 2003 and 2002 Transgendered Favorite Musician of the Year! Energetic, philosophical, and mind-bending, Yolanda is one to seek out. She has contributed to the recent release of ABBA-LICIOUS, a drag queen cover album of ABBA songs, and she is releasing her first album in 2005 entitled, “The Yolandaman Chronicles.”

Taking us all by surprise was Josh Zuckerman. Stepping to the stage with his unassuming air, homegrown looks, armed with his guitar and boyish smirks, this guy quickly took over the room. With a strong, lively stage presence; bouncing, bopping, and impressively playing guitar and fiddle, his confidence and songs were infectious. Part rocker, part pop star, part George Michael, part Jason Mraz, this guy is destined for high recognition and plenty of MTV/Vh1 air play. Josh has several releases, with his most recent being “A Totally New Sensation”. Josh is currently working on a new album with 13 other musicians, including Producer Michael Ghegan who just finished working with Justin Timberlake.

Ari Gold treated us to his talents next, which was nearly obscured by his exceedingly-good looks, charisma, and PG-13 sex appeal. While Ari does seem to succumb to the cheesy shirtlessness, emphasized abs, and deliciously-tight pants of commercialism, it is also clear that he cares about his music. Despite the American Idol-esque attempts to fit as many syllables as possible into one note, he does bring us snappy tunes, danceable hits, and charming melodies. He knows what he is doing and, according to the audience at SASi, he does it well. Ari has released his second album, “Space Under Sun”.

Closing the evening was a performance by B.A. Arentsen of P-1 fame. Despite the excellent performances, showmanship, attractiveness, and gimmicks of the previous entertainers of the night, Arentson clearly displayed the most musical discipline, which may or may not work in her favor. Contrary to her more trip-pop sound in her band, P-1, her live performance at SASi was more a lighthearted Tori Amos crossed with a high-end, Upper West Side A.M.D.A. recital. P-1 has released a truly groovy debut, “Step”, which I have gladly added to my own collection!

The Glamazons, of course, closed out the night with raucous humor, strobing titties, and dangerous curves.

Stephen’s SASi Sundays will easily catch on as an amazing showcase of legitimate up-and-coming talent that you will be glad to have seen on such an intimate level before they sky-rocket to fame (but secretly I thought it would definitely be more fun with a gong)!

SASi Sundays | Fez under Time Café
Various Showcased Artists
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