Written by Josh McLane
Photographed by Evan Sung

Maria Andersson and Johanna Asplund

On Monday, September 13th, Evan and I went to Southpaw ( in Brooklyn to check out The Sahara Hotnights, an all-female hard rock band from Sweden that is touring the U.S. to promote their new album, "Kiss and Tell." The Hot Nights started in 1999.

These band mates (four childhood friends from the same town in Sweden) are a cross between The Go Gos and AC/DC. They have a hard rock edge with hints of 80's New Wave, forming a sound that is both catchy and biting. The Hotnights started their set with a bang and kept on running. They sang highly-energized songs like "The Difference Between Love and Hell," "Mind over Matter," along with their single, "Hot Night Crash."

Maria Andersson  
Karin Ewa Josephine Forsman Johanna Asplund

Like the live performances of The Ramones, the Sahara Hotnights didn't stop their music to chat with the audience, choosing to emphase the music instead. What impressed me most about the band was how polished these ladies were on their instruments and how solid and disciplined they were as a unit. They never skipped a beat and were dead-on, even when the lead guitarist broke two strings. She simply ran backstage, grabbed another guitar, returned and kept on playing like it never happened.

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