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Miss Guy
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The Toilet Boys were formed one night in the mid 90's to be an opening band for Debby Harry. It was suppossed to be a one night gig. Now some 8 years later, the band is still rocking having toured with Cher and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their song 'Another Day In The Life' found it's way to the American Pie 2 soundtrack and their new album, 'Early Years' has just been released. I recently sat down with the newly brunette and beautiful creature himself, Miss Guy to discuss breakup rumors, the record industry and the 'Archie Bunker' of our generation.

Liberation: I saw the Toilet Boys on Page Six today. They said you performed at the after party for the new John Waters film.

Miss Guy: That’s what they said, I don’t know why, that didn’t happen. I DJ’d but that’s it. No one else was there from the band though I love that we were called a ‘duo’.

Liberation: It’s a gentle reminder that Page Six really is just gossip and even though they commit something in print it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. What did you think of the film, did you like it?

Miss Guy: It’s hilarious! Johnny Knoxville is great. They’re all really good and really funny. It’s sick, it’s really sick.

Liberation: It’s rated NC-17 which is considered box office poison for any movie.

Miss Guy: Kids can get into those movies though, can’t they?

Liberation: No. The difference between an R rating and an NC-17 Rating is that some theatres won’t show NC-17 films. Is this film any different from any other John Waters film? Is there any scene in particular that gives away its NC-17 rating or is it just some sort of Bush politics?

Miss Guy: Hmmm. It’s a bit more than ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Cry Baby’. The movie is all about sex of course but it’s so ridiculous. It has some male nudity.

Liberation: Is Johnny Knoxville naked?

Miss Guy: No.

Liberation: That’s a first! How odd is it that they have someone like him to exploit and they don’t go for it?

Miss Guy: I got to go to Baltimore to do the premier and I got to hang around with him, Kate Moss, and Patty Hearst. This movie is definitely not going to be main stream.

Liberation: Well none of his films really are, that’s their beauty.

Miss Guy: I thought ‘Serial Mom’ could have been.

Liberation: That’s one of my favorites. I fucking love the L7, ‘Camel Lips’ scene! Have there been any talks about The Toilet Boys being in a John Waters film. It seems so obvious to me.

Miss Guy: We talked about it. ‘Serial Mom’ would have been perfect but I didn’t get to know him until after that movie. But I don’t have any interest in doing movies.

Liberation: Not even a John Waters film?

Miss Guy: Well, yeah, I would do that. I would want to play a character though because I think that when people try to play themselves it doesn’t come off so good.

Liberation: But you’d get your own trailer park!

Miss Guy: (laughs) I’d rather be an inbred pervert or something, maybe a killer or some sort of psychotic?

Liberation: I’d love to be in a John Waters film.

Miss Guy: Maybe one day you will!

Liberation: Have The Toilet Boys broken up or are you guys just involved in a lot of side projects?

Miss Guy: It’s never really been said. We were at a crossroads and I was really frustrated because we were not getting to the next level. We did this tour, it was an opening slot, and it was great. We were like, let’s do it and it will either lead to the next stepping stone or it will be a nice way to kind of end it on a high note.

My manager at the time was trying his hardest to make things happen after that tour and we got one shitty offer and we came home and we had just had it. It had been six years straight without any kind of a break.

We had a US tour but we ended up canceling that because we thought, let’s leave it on a good note. Then we were going to go to Japan that summer so I called Sean. Whenever there is a chance to go to Japan, for me it’s always ‘yes’. He was like, ’duuude, there’s no band and I don’t want to do this anymore’ and I was like alright, I’m going to get someone else to do it. That freaked him out. I was like ‘I’m not going to let you stop me’ so I started talking to other guitarists and then he and I had a big falling out. I think it just had to happen because we were so close for so long.

I saw a psychic, before we stopped speaking, and she told me that we were going to be taking a much needed break. We didn’t speak for six or seven months.

I started talking to some other musicians and it just wasn’t feeling right and I thought, well, I can’t do The Toilet Boys without Sean because he is too important to the band. It’s all fine now, I love Sean. So I don’t know if the band is broken up.

Liberation: You’ll have to read it on Page Six! (laughs)

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