Fashion @ the Museum of Sex,
Compliments of Art for Progress

Written By Elizabeth DeCoursey
Photographed By Evan Sung

Matt Landon

The air was heavy and ripe as Evan and I walked into the Museum of Sex for a night of fashion set against a backdrop of irreverent pleasure. The evening’s featured designers, Matt Landon and Allyson Jacobs, complimented each other remarkably well. Landon’s label, Sensitive Clothing, offered urban streetwear while newcomer Jacobs' premier showing of her couture line also kept the street sensibility, but with a romance that was all nighttime. Frank Jackson’s Art for Progress, an organization dedicated to providing a showcase for emerging artists, hosted the event in conjunction with FIT. I assume Jackson chose this heady venue to make a whole night of it, so we did.

First things first, Evan and I quenched our thirst with the reddest of French wines and pondered the tantalizing collection of toys and nudie photo books in the museum’s foyer. Our favorites were of the James Bond variety…a vibrating hairbrush specifically designed to avoid the embarrassing woes of having your bags searched at the airport. Also featured in this ingenious disguise assortment was a sleek and pleasing vibrating lipstick and a vibrating yellow rubber duck for the childish at heart. We meandered through the crowd awaiting the night’s big event and studied pin-up girls and Vargas bootie panties (ooh, I want a pair) and giggled as we saw aged couples get friskier with age. A pair of mature couples contemplated the correct usage of anal beads without a moment of self-awareness. We left them to their reverie and plowed ahead into the first floor gallery space.
Matt Landon

Allyson Jacobs


Allyson Jacopbs








There, we saw Lisa Dillilo’s video revealing a freshly shaven vagina, replete with eyes and lips, smoking a cigarette and presumably talking to the camera. The vagina face was cut with clips of Nancy Reagan, nuns, and a group of middle-easterners. Next, we recognized Tom Otterness’ work, his little bronze sculptures pepper the A line, in the big green sculptures featuring moments of shared ecstasy between reindeer and what looked to be ogres. Casting our eyes on all the artful shenanigans we were also lured by the lovely d.j., Staci Smith, spinning groovy dance music.

At last we were able to meet Allyson Jacopbs, who was gracious and humble. She was excited and had every reason to be. Her line surpassed any expectations I would have had for a premier showing. Then, along came Matt Landon, an unsuspecting young man wearing a simple tee shirt and jeans. I certainly wouldn’t have pegged him to be a designer of women’s clothing, and yet, he is. We watched as they separately wandered through the crowd with the glazed look of a pair who have put their souls into their art and are simply ready to let the chips fall as they may.

 Allyson Jacobs  Matt Landon  Matt Landon

Landon’s was the first line to trounce out onto the runway garbing lithe young models. It was edgy graphic clothing that was also simply chic. Landon’s Tees and skirts featured his silkscreen art and exposed his penchant for funky cuts. These shirts would find a place in the heavy rotation section of any lower eastside hipster’s closet. I have to say my two favorites from his line were a sweater and a hoodie. Both maintained the urban vision of this skateboarding designer and could be worn at night. The sweater was of the off the shoulder variety with a great disheveled lay around the chest and had the same color of the red wine Evan and I had imbibed. While the hoodie was more casual and colored a rich tawny tan, it also had a sophistication that made it the perfect compliment to his tees.

Quickly after Landon’s line came Allyson Jacobs' introduction to the couture world, which she is sure to take by storm. It’s truly something to watch a model walk down the runway and know that she feels as sexy as she really is in the clothing she’s wearing. Jacobs' flowy and romantic cuts and luxurious fabrics brushed the skin of the models in a manner that made me want to reach out and touch them, too. It seems Jacobs is a fan of the sequin, which was never overdone as it spackeled her shirts or covered a beautiful long blue skirt. My favorite accoutrements to her fabulous attire were the strategically placed feathers which accented bosoms and cuts.

 Matt Landon  Allyson Jacobs  Matt Landon

Those with the privilege of previewing the works of these two designers are likely to agree that we all have something to look forward to. A shopper in the know can find Landon’s, Sensitive Clothing, at Stackhouse on Lafayette, Zakka on Grand, The Reed Space on Orchard, Suzette Sunday on Ave. B, Appolo Brown on Orchard, K.C.D.C. on N. 10th in Brooklyn, or direct a Sparky’s Showroom in L.E.S. (212) 925. 1205. As for Jacobs' couture, we’ll have to wait until after she completes meetings with various stores (including Fred Siegel) before we can purchase her line.

Allyson Jacobs, Matt Landon & Elizabeth DeCoursey


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