Core NYC Underground Fashion Show

DJs and fashion and bingo, oh my!

By Jessica Cogan

On September 11, right around the corner from the big hoo-ha known as New York Fashion Week, Core-NYC held its 2005 spring and summer Underground Fashion Show. Featuring independent designers from all over Bali, Japan, California, even Brooklyn. Core-NYC brought together designers, artists, models, photographers and store owners at the cavernous Club Shelter on W 39th St.

At the far end of the club, Techstyle 5 set up shop. Techstyle 5 is a local clothing, music and visual arts company that offers Ts, CDs and paintings with a distinctly LES feel. Inspired by the streets of New York, Techstyle 5 positions itself as a multi-purpose company that captures a uniquely urban feel.

Right around the corner we found 3rdborn clothing. 3rdborn’s T’s are intricately screened by an artist based in Bali. The tops come in earthy tones – chocolate, olive, black, cream – but often take on other-wordly imagery – Jesus, crosses, devils and the like. 3rdborn’s unique designs can be found at local boutiques and the new Bloomie’s in Soho. You can also check them out on line at

Manhattan Bags made an appearance and had one of the more eye-catching moments of the evening when half-naked men stalked the catwalk wearing little more than their stylish bags. Holding up the accessory end of things was Ayazakura Jewelry ? delicate pieces billed as “spiritual jewelry.” The simple and beautiful pieces can be found at the young designer’s market on Mulberry every Saturday.

One of the more popular racks of the evening belonged to Stinky of Stinkbomb (not his real name and a perfectly non-fragrant fellow, I swear). Stinky combines marker work, screen printing and stenciling on his unique T-creations. Based in Newport Beach, California, Stinky’s designs are funny and fun – and hopefully available soon at a store near you. Check them out at

Stinky of Stinkbomb


The night combined fashion show with DJs, live music, slides, fashion, dancers and yes, even bingo. Behind it all was party promoter Takuya Imai. And judging from his hip and hot Fashion Week event, his is a list you want to be on. Contact Takuya Imai at or visit his website at


Techstyle 5


Jessica Cogan


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