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Music for America Party
Written and Photographed by Evan Sung

Sarah Seiler, Troy Tolley & Aja Pecknold

On October 4, Troy Tolley, Josh McLane and Evan Sung attended Music for America’s launch of the * VOTE * bracelet at an intimate party at the Serena Bar. The swank Serena Bar is located at the base of the historic Chelsea Hotel (which has hosted celebrities from the likes of Jack Kerouac, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams to Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Sid Vicious and Bob Dylan). The launch party unveiled the *VOTE* bracelet to the public, which encourages Americans to express their voting power both in the November 2 election and in the years to come. The event was organized by the lovely Aja Pecknold from Music for America (www.musicforamerica.org) and Sarah Seiler from Vandenberg Communications (www.vandenbergcommunications.com). The two were on hand to welcome politically-minded party-goers to the festivities. Among the night’s guests were DJ Kyle Jason from Air America, comic Janeane Garafalo, and John B Kenney, who has been on hunger strike in protest against the dubious computerization of the nation’s voting process (www.hungerfordemocracy.org).

DJ Kyle Jason from Air America

Simply designed, the * VOTE * bracelet appeals to both men and women of any age, bringing politics and style to all generations. The bracelet is engraved with the subtle, but powerful message: VOTE, and complimented with small Music for America logos at the back of the wrist. If youu are interested in donating for a bracelet, donations of $20 are accepted for the silver plated brass variety and $50 for sterling silver (see link below for details).

John B.Kenney

A full review of the nights events will be posted soon.

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