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The Fall Collection

Written By Cynthia Hartzell

Looking for the next “it” thing in New York nightlife? Want a place that can satisfy all your entertainment desires? You may just find it at a multi-media festival sponsored by The Fall Collection. Each event combines theatre, film, and music - blending them into a flowing collaborative environment.

I went to a recent Fall Collection event at Pianos (158 Ludlow). I was met by beautiful Hilary Prentice, the designer of the party, who looked dashing in a gold dress, big orange earrings, and bold make-up. Ms. Prentice advised I should “wander and explore.”

The Fall Collection’s goal is to provide a platform for underexposed but world-class artists, and from what I saw at the “Piano” party, it appears they know what they are doing. A series of short plays appeared on the stage and in the back-room, there was a plethora of musical talent.

“ Las Rubias Del Norte,” or “The Blondes of the North,” is a versatile group of musicians from the U.S., France, and Columbia, who blend the music of Cuba, Venezuela, and Austria (Mozart!). The two beautiful brunette singers, Emily Hurst and Allyssa Lamb, overwhelmed me with their talent. Check out their website to find out where you can see them for yourselves: www.lasrubiasdelnorte.com


“The Nice Ones,” featured a shy Genevieve Blouin. She explained that due to the hurricane, her back-up band was unable to travel and she would be performing accompanied by recorded back-up tracks, plus live guitar music played by Richard Schreiber. Okay, a little weird, but the music had been so good that night, I decided to stay and check it out. The music started and images and drawings were projected onto the stage. Then Gen began to sing. I was instantly converted into a fan. Do not let her shy-girl look fool you. That girl has talent and she is going places. Gen’s voice and lyrics remind me of Edie Brickell’s first album, “Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars”. Her band has a sophisticated folk-pop sound. I was able to grab a CD and have been playing it non-stop since that night. My neighbors even asked to borrow it. Don’t miss out on this hot new band. Go to www.theniceones.com to hear the music and to find out where to see them next.

Bottom line: The Fall Collection has their finger on the pulse of what’s hot in New York City. In one evening, you can be exposed to lot of new talent from multiple mediums, all for one great price. You can drink, dance, and party with New York City’s hottest new artists. Check out www.thefallcollection.org for tickets to the Fall Collection Festival, which will take place November 1st-21st at LaTeaTheater at the CSV Center (Lower East Side.) Be sure to come on down for twenty-one nights of cutting-edge film, music and theater.

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