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Blondie: The Curse Of Blondie
Reviewed By Liberation Iannillo


In this modern pre-packaged “who’s hot next season” pop culture, the formation of Blondie couldn’t happen now. A middle-aged woman fronting a middle-aged band, on paper, doesn’t sell. Instead of focusing on the music, it seems that bands today are too busy perfecting their dirty Williamsburg look, knowing they can simply rehash the past for a new, younger generation.

What is usually forgotten in this routine is that these bands couldn’t exist to rehash if it wasn’t for bands like The Cars, The Ramones, The Pretenders, Iggy Pop, and of course, Blondie. They all did it all first. That’s not to say that Blondie didn’t borrow amply from the girl groups of the 50’s. After all they did cover The Shangri Las “Out In The Streets”, twice. There is a difference though in being influenced by a band and outright mimicking them.

“The Curse of Blondie” is Blondie’s eighth studio album and their last since their return in 1998 with “No Exit”. The album starts off with “Shakedown”, probably the weakest song out of the 14 new songs. Debby’s rapping in “Rapture” was fine for a few lines but it can’t and shouldn’t carry a whole song as attempted in ‘Shakedown’. It gets on your nerves the same way Madonna did when she rapped about her soy lattes in her synth-bomb “American Life”. It’s made up for with “Good Boys” which could have very easily have been plucked from “Parallel Lines”. Nearing 60, Harry’s voice still has that sexy, come-hither whisper to it that makes you need to listen to this song repeatedly.

It’s hard not compare the new material with the older Blondie classics. Their sound now is just as strong as it was then. And thankfully they didn’t turn down the middle-aged-jazz-road as others have done. Blondie is best at pop and they know it. “The Curse of Blondie” is the perfect example of why Blondie should continue to make music and we are grateful they still do.

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