Wendy R. Williams
Wendy R. Williams 

Greetings Theater Lovers,

On Monday, June 21st, I attended a play reading in Manhattan at the Spark @ 161 West 22nd Street.

I heard "The Malt of Judah", written by my good friend Benny Benowitz.  Benny is a comedian, writer and performer who knows more about comic timing than any man alive.

This man is utterly hysterical.

Benny Benowitz

Benny sent me his press release for the reading.  It is an absolute hoot and I am quoting it here verbatim.  

"A Veteran of Off-Off Broadway and Nowhere Near Broadway, Benny Benowitz co-founded Brooklyn's first repertory company for illegal aliens, The Bensonhurst Shakespeare Festival, and starred in their maiden production, "Two Gentlemen of Verona...With Van."

Mr. Benowitz's movie credits include starring roles in several films, all of which are currently playing at a Drive-In Theater in the Bermuda Triangle.

"The Malt of Judah" is scheduled to make its New York City debut as part of The Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors-Down-the-Block-Around-the- Corner-Across-the-Street-and-Into-the-Basement-of-the-Housing- Project Series.

In high school, Benny was voted Most Likely to Succeed Posthumously....and so far he's right on schedule."                   

Having the opportunity to know and work with an amazing talent like Benny is one of the main benefits of living in a place like New York. He is one spicy meat ball in this cultural soup.

Rock on!



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