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Jonas Graham in:
The Australian New Yorker
Every Dog Has His Day

Written and Photographed by Wendy R. Williams
Lived by Jonas Graham, Cynthia Hartzell, and Annika Sundin

Cynthia Hartzell, Jonas Graham and Annika Sundin


It was a fine Saturday afternoon in June and Jonas Graham (a bona fide Australian bloke from down under) is showing the Australian New York (read bars) to Annika Sundin (a Swedish model/actress) and Cynthia Hartzell (a New York model/actress). Note to the reader: Most of Jonas's friends are girls.

The first stop was Eight Mile Creek @ 240 Mulberry St (between Prince and Spring streets). 8 Mile Creek is an authentic Australian bar in the New York’s Little Italy section.

Cynthia and Jonas hanging at 8 Mile Creek

Annika, Jonas and Cynthia in the garden at 8 Mile Creek

Jonas then decided that 8 Mile Creek was to bright, to they left to head to a darker bar, walking down the street toward Little Italy. They then passed a trendy hair salon: TRESS F/X.

TRESS F/X @ 184-186 Mulberry Street
(between Broome and Spring)

And who should appear but Jonas’s friend, Hyunsoo Kim, a stylist at TRESS F/X

Hyunsoo Kim

Hyunsoo jumped from his shop and pulled Jonas inside saying, “Hey man, you can’t do a photo shoot looking like that. Pour your groupies some wine and let me get started.”

Jonas pouring wine for his groupies

Hyunsoo met Jonas when he was surfing at Montauk. Hyunsoo has great thigh muscles – drop by the salon and ask him to let you feel them

Hyunsoo hard at work

"Well, do you think this is interesting?"

All done! Finally!

And off they go to Public @ 210 Elizabeth St. Public is a well known Aussie hang out and more importantly, it is as dark as midnight in the middle of the day.

Cynthia, Annika and Jonas hanging at Public

Jonas had to go to the bathroom so Cynthia and Annika shared a private moment with the photographer. Jonas then returned from the bathroom game and said,  "Hey, hey! I think this is supposed to be my photo shoot and my Swedish girl friend."

Cynthia got little huffy and left saying, "Well, in that case, I’ll just go home to my ive-in boyfriend, Joe. I certainly hope he made dinner."

Cynthia hailing a cab on the still light New York summer night.

Back at Public, Jonas was showing Annika how Australians act sexy. I have no more photos. If you want to know more, go to Public and see if Jonas and Annika are still there, letting it hang in the Australian New York. Look carefully, it is pretty dark in there and they might be a little hard to find



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