Tal M. Klein

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Written and Photographed By
Dennis Spafford

Tal M. Klein  

The fabulous mega club Crobar was the setting for Tal M. Klein's new album release party here in New York City (there will also be release parties in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington DC). His new album is called Alpha Beats and it is a club kid's koan of funky break beats and pure electronica.

Personally, I think the best track on the whole album is, Chu Chin Chow, because not only does it just make you want to get up and dance whenever you hear it; it also is the name of the skit that my dear Auntie Mame and her friend Vera Charles performed when they were girls on Broadway.... ahh Broadway in the 20's..ahh sigh...

23 skiddo'ing back - Crobar! The lights were shining and the people were smiling as Klein laid it all down for us and got the floor moving. The party was in the Reed room which hosts one of the hottest bars in the city. Hey boys and girls - this place is a see and be seen biggie! Every time I am there, I see a star. In fact I could have sworn I saw Parker Posey creeping around, but in retrospect I think it may have been a mere look alike. None the less, the Reed Room is great with all those wonderful yellowish columns springing like fronds from the floor, its no wonder Chi Chi Valenti hosts Utopia Parkway here on Saturday nights!

Cheers, enjoy the night life where ever you are (an a shout out to the cool people at Flawless Media for the invite) and like Auntie Mame always said, "Life's a banquet and most poor sons of bitches are starving to death".

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