The New York Cool Group Attends
The Handbags and Hats of Erik Landgren
@ Gallery 138 (138 West 17th Street)
Tuesday July 20, 2004

Written and Photographed by Wendy R. Williams

Erik Landgren
"Think flowers!"


Erik Landgren invited the gang from to attend his gallery opening at Gallery, 138 West 17th Street. He promised couture fashion, famous trransexuals & electro-clash serve up by DJ Daume Couture. So off we went to see the Wizard with camera in tow.


The Cat in the Hat is alive and walking the streets of New York. Erik J. Landgren is working it, girl, so get ready, he's gonnna blow your socks off and then sell you a handbag to carry them home in.

Erik Landgren


New York Coolies at Large
Do any of these guys look like they need a new purse?
Maybe we should have brought the girls.

Josh McLane Jonas Graham John Pelham
Mikal Saint George Douglas Hurley


Here is the scene that greated us as we came up the elevator!

It's always about the shoes.


Then she turned and it was Flawless Sabrina, modeling one of Erik's new purses.

Flawless Sabrina
You go girl!


And then we saw the man with the music - DJ Daume Couture.

DJ Daume Couture wearing a shirt by designer Tom Tom.


The gallery was filled with cool people, cool hats and purses. Some
people even matched the merchandise!

Valerie Filipovna and a wall of purses!


Erik Landgren and a wall of hats!
"Think flowers!"


newyorkcool Art Director, Liberation Iannillo & Erik Landgren


The gallery was cool and the scene was great, but then it was time head out. So saying goodbye to Erik and the fabulous Erica Andrews, we left.

Erik Landgren and Erica Andrews


But remember what Erik always says, "Hey, girls! I'm visiting this planet with one goal only, to put color in the clothes. So get ready to be blinded Manhattan, the Martians are coming." For more information on Erik you can visit his website at or email him at


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