The Republicans are Coming!
The Republicans are Coming!

Written and Photographed by Wendy R. Williams

On July 17th, a group of artists gathered in Tompkins Square Park, the East Village's historic anarchistic hub, and held a peaceful demonstration - posing for these photos to illustrate their reaction to the coming invasion of the khaki-wearing, polo-shirt-gut-hiding, palm-pilot- jabbing, SUV-driving, self-satisfied-smirking Republican hordes. The East Village is filled with artists and many of the building walls are covered with gorgeous street art. It is the perfect cauldron for protest!

The Gathering of the Clan!

John Pelham, Cynthia Hartzell, Josh McLane,
Armistead Johnson and Diedre Kilgore

Taking the pledge! Cynthia and John explain why
they do not date Republican men.


I used to date Republican men but
then I decided I like sex after all.


Me too! I also don't like the
way they dress.


Republican Gothic!
"Mother and I always vote Republican!"

Diedre Kilgore and Josh McLane

Cast Rehearsal for the
2004 Republican National Convention
Gay Kiss-In

"We promise to kiss everytime we see a Republican!"

A possible solution!
The Pied Piper of Manhattan!

Josh McLane demonstrates how he can
lead the rats
from Manhattan!

And then, Diedre dons a burial shroud.

Diedre Kilgore

She reminds us that it does matter who we elect this November. Our whole world and way of life is at stake, so choose wisely. Beacause it's not just another election, it's everything.

Diedre Kilgore in front of a Street Art Memorial
to The World Trade Center
East 9th Street @ Avenue A

Please vote! It's the coolest thing you can do!


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