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National Puerto Rican Day Parade
Sunday June 12, 2005

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Angelo Rivera

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Note to readers: Log onto http://wer69dna.tripod.com/ if you would like to hear some some Raggaeton music.)

Ivy Queen
Henry Cotto

No city can do a parade like New York City: The St. Patrick’s Day Parade (the very un-gay version), the Annual Gay Rights Parade (the gay version, naturally) and the wildest and “gayest” of them all, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade.


The annual Puerto Rican Day Parade took place on Sunday, June 12th this year and off they were, dancing, singing, marching and bogeying down Fifth Avenue in a swirl of color and ethnic pride. And Raggaeton (a mix of the hip-hop and reggae music genres) was the beat of the day. New York Cool photographer Angelo Rivera was there to catch all the riotous fun. And all I can say is , “Wow! Enjoy!”



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