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Una Pizza Napoletana
49 East 12th Street
( 1st Avenue)
New York, NY
(212) 477-9950
Open Thursday through Sunday
from 5:00 PM until the dough runs out

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by
Mary Blanco

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New York is famous for its quirky hole-in-the-wall restaurants and Una Pizza Napoletana on 12 th Street in the East Village is one wonderful example. Open only four days a week, this pizzeria (under the watchful eye of owner/chef Anthony Mangieri) serves four (and only four) types of pizza: marinara, margherita , a tomato-less bianca and a quattro stagioni, where each quadrant of the pie is topped with ingredients from the four seasons. The place is enormously popular so it you want to be served, get there before 8PM. All pizzas are priced at $16.95 and there is a small selection of wines and beers. Enjoy!

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