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Bradford Noble’s
SOHO 323

June 8, 2005

Written and Photographed by Wendy R. Williams

Bradford Noble

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So I got this invitation from my photographer friend Brad (www.noblephoto.com).

“Please come to my "Featurette" this Wednesday night at the FLUID Party starting at 9:00 p.m. at SOHO 323...it's right across from the SoHo Grand Hotel on West Broadway and Grand.

I'm calling it a "Featurette" rather than a "Showing" because showings consist of galleries, and curators and good lighting... Whereas this "Featurette" consists of free cocktails at a club for an hour, and as little else as possible... oh, and my work will be hung up on the walls!!

So off we went, me and two straight guys (one of them went so he could look for girls, hmm…). It was a very cool party. Bradford’s photos were hung on clotheslines throughout the room and there was a really cool slide show. And as always, the crowd was hot.

DJ Keo Nozari

For more information about Bradford Noble, see our feature story in the June www.newyorkcool.com and/or log onto www.noblephoto.com.

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