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9th Urbanworld Film Festival
Hustle & Flow Party
June 25, 2005

Written by Yolanda Shoshana

Hustle and Flow
Cast of Hustle & Flow: Taraji J. Henson, Paula Jai Parker, Terrence Howard and TarynManning

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After four packed days of film, panels, and red carpets, Urbanworld threw a party at the trendy lounge BLVD. It was a celebration of the special screening of Hustle & Flow and the close of the festival.

All the soirees thrown after the festival’s special screenings were cleverly referred to as "Urbanworld After Dark." Now that title sure does make the parties sound seductive and enticing, and certainly not like just any old after-party. This After Dark Experience was presented by persaudbrothers in association with GFC Entertainment, both local urban trendsetters. I had heard about persaudbrothers events and what I heard filled me with high expectations for the evening. I am happy to say that if you hear persaudbrothers are throwing a hot event, you can believe the hype.

BLVD was the perfect spot for the event - there was something for everyone. BLVD is complete with a restaurant, lounge and live music. Once you had something to eat, you were able to hit the dance floor till four in the morning. The music was jumping and the bootiess were bumping. The disco balls and lights in the club completed the cool ambiance. It was a dance floor full of attractive people making the most of the groove.

While the dance floor was moving, there was a good mix of people who focused on networking or chilling with a cocktail. Camaraderie filled the air as people hugged and congratulated each other on their work. The biggest buzz of the night was Terrance Howard's' performance in Hustle & Flow. Everyone seemed to agree that it was the film to see at the festival and Howard would finally gain much-deserved respect in the industry.

It was a great way to top off Urbanworld - a mix of community with lots of grubbin' and clubbin'.

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