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The Photography of
Bradford Noble

Written by Wendy R. Williams

Photographs Courtesy of
Bradford Noble (www.noblephoto.com)

  Chris Meloni


Bradford and Dexter

I met Bradford Noble six years ago. I “saw” him instantly, he just exploded into the room. Bradford has that “it” thing going on. And he had that effect on me long before I saw his photographs, his art-installation-of-an-apartment or his posse of hipster friends (there is a waiting list, if you are interested). I liked him before he became a super famous celebrity photographer and I still liked him after he bought his dog (Dexter).

Brad’s photographs are totally unique – stylish and fun with just a touch of camp. He definitely has a storyteller’s eye. Just feast your eyes on the eye candy of his Celebrity Series.

Moby Rosie and Chelsea
Chris Meloni Boy George
Charles Busch George and Dexter
Florence Henderson Donny Osmond
Heatherette Carson and Dexter
Kate Spade Bea Arthur

Bradford also has the gift for gab; that guy can dish. So I emailed Bradford and asked him some questions.

Wendy: How old were you when you first shot a photo and what did you use? Was it something you got into trouble for?  Someone in the bathroom? Something sexual? Do tell!

Bradford: My first photos were taken in a summer school program (at the age of nine) with a tiny plastic camera that I bought at the drug store for twelve bucks because I thought it looked so, “James Bond.” It took horrible photos, but it looked great!

My first memorable photos were taken when I took a year off college and went traveling around the world for nine months with my best friend. I think we went to seventeen countries...we were both eighteen years old, headstrong and fearless, and got ourselves into all kinds of trouble!

After I returned home from my “trans-global adventure,” I had my first show and went on to study photography at The Academy of Art in San Francisco. There I majored in fashion photography and started my career.

Wendy: I remember once when I saw you at a show - you had spiked pink hair and were wearing a black motorcycle suit with orange flame stitching.  I complimented you on how hot you looked and you told me that art was show business and you were the product. Please tell me more.

Bradford: That must have been when I first moved to New York from San Francisco... In San Francisco you can get away with dressing like a clown and pretending to be fabulous... Here in New York the real fabulous people radiate their talent, so the façade is less important, and often considered to be in bad taste if it’s too showy...unless you are a club person, of course...then what you wear is your self-expression and in that case, you’d better pull out some fierce drag because we’ve already seen it all.

These days I dress slightly more conservatively. It’s all about that one great piece that you can show off while toning it down with all black. However, I must admit, I do like things to fit me snug, because it shows off my body and makes me feel sexy. My motto these days, “If it ain’t tight, it ain’t right!”

Wendy: I love your celebrity photos. Do you have any good stories you want to share with our readers?  Something juicy? P. S. A lot of us have crushes on Christopher Meloni.

Bradford: Christopher Meloni is very sweet and extremely sexy...happily married with children, but I did get to see him in his tighty-whities on set. He’s exactly the kind of man I would date...but so are about 80% of all gay men...at least the ones who go to my gym...my jaw drops every thirty seconds...

My juiciest bit of celebrity dish is that Florence Henderson, who remains my favorite person ever to be on my set, said to me, “Oh Brad, I just love you; you’re like my lost Brady child!” “Flo,” I said, “I can’t tell you what that means to me...you’ll be quoted on that until the day I die!”

Wendy: Your photos always tell a story. I love your Times Square series, they are incredibly sexy. You are now directing videos. Does directing videos let you be as raunchy as you want to be?

Bradford: I’m not sure “raunchy” is really my style...I prefer classy with an edge. Directing videos and television commercials is just like directing the talent in a still photograph, only you get to capture more. In fact it’s easier because you can edit all the moments together the way you want...whereas in a still image you have to capture it all in a single moment and that can be more work.


Wendy: Have you considered directing porn?

Bradford: For anything “porn” related I use a fake name...oh, did I say that?...I mean I WOULD use a fake name...yes that’s it...WOULD use...

Wendy: And lastly, do you have anything you want to shout out to our readers?

Bradford: For anyone who is self-motivated, especially in the arts, I always tell them, “Stay true to your own self.” It’s easy to sell yourself down the money road and crank out schlock that you might not be proud of but that might make a lot of money... It’s much harder to stick to an individual approach that might not be mainstream. You have to be strong and have faith that you can be the best at doing exactly what you do...even if it is hand-painted fire hydrants! (Note from Wendy: Remember, I told you he just got a dog.)

So there you have it!

Rock on!


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