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Uncle Stumpy’s Blitzkrieg : The Hassidic Professional Wrestling Musical
Wednesday & Thursdays @ 8:00PM

Uncle Ming’s 225 Avenue B

Written by Wendy R. Williams
Photographed by Mary Bianco

  (L-R):  Ami Price, James Bayliss, Mollie Black aka Clea Cutthroat, Megan Cain aka Anita Cookie

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Wrestling! Burlesque! Hassidim! What more could a girl want?

Megan Cain aka Anita Cookie
Jill Pakulski

One of the coolest things about living in the East Village is walking by all the art incubators that line the streets. Everywhere you look, someone is cooking up something: art; music; clothing; and/or theater. It’s and/or theater because theater is an integral part of all art. With that in mind, New York Cool photographer Mary Blanco and I set off on an adventure on Thursday, June 16 th. We went to Uncle Ming’s (a second floor venue on Avenue B with no sign on the door). If you don’t know where it is, you are not supposed to (get it?). There we saw one of our favorite actors and friend, Ryan Link, in Blitzkrieg : The Hassidic Professional Wrestling Musical. Ryan is a great singer and he is just about to leave town to play Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar from July 11 th -17 th at the Kansas City Starlite Theater - see http://broadwayworld.com/viewcolumn.cfm?colid=3739. Talk about a quick change of faith.

Ryan Link and Kevin Coyle

Here is a clip from the Blitzkrieg press release, “For Mickey Blitzman, being champion of Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation wasn't part of the plan, until God got involved. And what a plan He has made! But can Mickey withstand the hardship and indignities of Sammy and The Strumpettes? Will idol-turned-nemesis Gorgeous George show Mickey the ropes, or the soap? Should childhood sweetheart Kelly Sweeney stand by for it all? And what about the Bear? Blitzkrieg, The Hassidic Professional Wrestling Musical is a delicious fable with engaging story, clever dialogue, exuberant music, singing, dancing, wrestling, T and A and hoots to boot! Don't miss the rise of "The Blitzkried Kid" as he - for the glory of God - turns the empire of Vince McMahon on its ear!”

KB Nau and Ryan Link

For a show that is just getting started, Blitzkrieg has a lot going for it. The mega-talented Leah Ann Westover (from the Lascivious Biddies) has written some cool torch songs which are beautifully sung by a red-gowned Jill Pakulski. There is a great onstage band. Ryan Link and Kevin Coyle perform some very funny wrestling scenes. Gorgeous George (played by Eric Storm) is a hoot just standing on the stage. And Stephanie Beauchamp (choreographer) has designed some really fun dances for the burlesque girls (The Strumpettes):

And those burlesque girls are simply cool to look at, period. They are also great dancers, especially Ami Price, who has the flexibility of a cobra.

The only criticism is that there is too much of it. The show last two hours (without intermission) and would really benefit by being reduced to one really tight hour. There is just too much filler in this hot dog. A little dancing, some singing, a couple of wrestling matches, a few funny jokes, a tight plot and some tight direction and this show would be ready to leave the incubator and roll. Keep up the good work!

Rock on!


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