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Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You
Friday June 17, 2005

Written and Photographed
by Tara Koppel

  Sara Schaefer and Lisa Loeb

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I’ve never told anyone this, but I was actually an original cast member in The Wizard of Oz.  While the others were traveling to Oz for a brain, a heart, courage, and a home, my character was going to The Wizard in search of a comedy.  Eventually I was axed from the script due to some Baby Mama Drama and a bar room brawl between Glenda the Good Witch and myself. I was smoking a fag in Judy Garland’s dressing room when I found out that I was cut.  I had a fit and started throwing all of Judy’s most coveted belongings: Jack Daniels, Liza Minelli (this is more commonly referred to as “cow tipping”), prescription drugs, the fag (It’s o.k. He wasn’t more than 60 lbs.) I did not find my comedy until sixty five years later.


Well the yellow brick road didn’t get me there (more like a yellow steel cab), but I finally found my comedy and it was well worth the wait.

Do you New York Cool readers know who can turn the world on with her smile? I know, but besides Mary Richards….okay okay, not including the Snapple lady…nope, not Bea Arthur but that was a fabulous guess. The answer is Sara Schaefer (VH1’s Best Week Ever) and she’s not a stalker but she is obsessed with you…and Lisa Loeb and Foop and author Chris Genoa, and a certain crime drama.

Lisa Loeb

The show is set in a cubicle. The audience learns about Sara’s obsession with pop culture and her penchant for Law and Order.  I learned that the office can serve a dual purpose:  It is no longer just a place to IM, but can also be used to host your own late night talk show, exactly what Sara does.  The entire cast was great, former girl scouts honor.  No one person provided the comic relief, because all of them were the comic relief.  Celebrity guests included: songstress Lisa Loeb; Foop author Chris Genoa; and Johnny Spanish was the Law & Order guest that week.

Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You is funny.  I’m talking real funny.  This is a relief considering that most comedies are annoying because they’re Dr. Phil (Down-Right Pitiful Horrible Irrational Lowclass). But Sara Schaefer is obsessed with you is anything but DR. PHIL, in fact it’s 100% OPRAH (Outrageously Perfect Radiant and Hilarious).  Go see it; unlike the Michael Jackson verdict, you won’t be disappointed.

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