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Gay Pride Parade
(And the events leading up to it)

Written and Photographed
by John Pelham

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On the day of the Gay Pride Parade, I had margaritas for breakfast, a burrito for lunch and flan for dinner. My mom told me that this was not a well balanced diet, but I assured her that each meal had its purpose.

When I woke up, I invited my fellow fairy friend over for tequila concoctions, so we could achieve the buzz necessary for any gay event. So far so good. The parade was its usual fabulous self, including dykes on bikes, fag-friendly politicians, myriad drag queens, and large corporations proclaiming themselves to be celebrators of diversity and whatnot. This brings me to my delicious steak burrito, complimentary from Chipotle, whom I will forever cherish and support for being so kind to homosexuals.

The main event for my day though, was Flan, a party encouraging a middle ground where people from all backgrounds can unite. Of course, this is where I ate my dinner, a delectable slice of flan, the traditional Brazilian/Spanish/Mexican dessert. Flan (free.lifestyles.alternative.needs), in association with muzikbutrfly and manchildblack, will host a party on the very last Sunday of each month. Their mission is to create an environment where every person of every origin, orientation and otherwise can have a good time without being held back by social boundaries or segregation. A mix of house, funk, and soul music, in addition to live drums, sets the vibe and provides the variations that everyone can dance to. Get there early for a piece of the flan and stay late to join the crowd and dance the night away. You can’t miss a party that’s so well thought out and diversified. Besides, a portion of their proceeds goes directly to the LGBT Community Center. For more information, visit www.emergingarts.com/alma.html.

With a satisfying ending to my allegorical appetite, I went straight home to bed. After waking up with a hangover though, I vowed to eat three square meals a day for the rest of my life.

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